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  • Method - select the “Method” you want the pixel set up for. Refer to our “Smart Pixels” article here to learn more about different methods of implementations.
    Our most commonly used method is a "Server to Server/Postback".
    - Server to Server/Postback
    - Image
    - iFrame

  • Action Type - Conversion you want pixel to be fired on.
    - Install
    - Registration
    - Deposit

  • Include Player ID - Optional parameter if Operator is able to pass back Player ID.

  • Generated Code - This is where your postback will be created after setting “method” and “action type”
    Eg - Method: Server to Server/postback; Action Type: Registration; Generated Code:<CLICK_ID>?type=registration&method=postback

Deposit Pixels also have the capability to pass “amounts” and “currency” for Server to Server/Postback if variables are supported by the Operator.


In the instance that an Operator cannot pass ClickID as part of a URL path we have an alternate postback where the ClickID can instead be passed in a query (variable). Player ID, Amount, and Currency variables can still be passed with alternative postback.<CLICK_ID>&type=registration&method=postback<CLICK_ID>&type=deposit&method=postback

As you can see there’s a variable called a CLICK_ID in the system. This is a uniquely generated identifier (UUID) attached to every click sent. This will need to be passed back in the postback calls by the Operator. Confirm with your Operator how this variable will be appended in the postbacks.

Please refer to our article on Tracking Links here to see how Server to Server pixel flows work.

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