Navigate to Campaigns> Pools, click on “+ Account Pool” the following fields will appear

  • Advertiser- Find the name of the Advertiser you want to create the pool for.

  • Account Pool Name- Where you want to name the account pool
    (i.e YourBrand CPA Account Pool)

  • Account Pool Description *Optional- Brief description of account pool purpose. It is beneficial to mention what platform Advertiser is using
    (i.e YourBrand CPA Pool Structure (Advertiser Platform))

  • Variable X Name- What is the name of the variable. This value will be used as a slug, no capital letters, spaces, or special characters.You may set up variables however you like, it is recommended to use the same variable as the Advertiser does if you are only setting up one variable.
    (i.e Advertiser uses “pid” variable. Name variable X ‘pid’)

  • Variable X Description *Optional- quick description of variable name
    (i.e Publisher ID “pid” (Marketing Source))

There is no limit on the amount of variables you can add per Account Pool.

Click here to learn how to create an Account within an Account Pool.

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