Navigate to Campaigns > Pools, select the Account Pool. > then click “+ account”

  • Search for Partner- Select the partner you wish to associate with the account.

  • User name- User name (or ID) of account you have on Advertisers platform. This text is used to keep track of your accounts on the Advertisers end.
    (i.e YourAccountname1)

    • Please note a partner can only be added to a specific user name once within the Advertiser Account Pool. You may add a partner multiple times to the same account on your Advertisers platform by slightly modifying the user name when creating the account within an Account Pool.
      (i.e YourAccountname1-name)

  • Variable Fields (name of variable created on the account pool level )- add the Advertiser’s unique destination link variable associated with the partner.
    (i.e varx: 1234567)

  • Click “Create”

See how to utilize Accounts Pools in variables here.

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